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Landon Richmond was born in the jungles of Florida, where he spent much of his youth fighting tigers, cyborgs, and dinosaurs. It was during those years of endless battle that Landon picked up a love of painting. His love of painting made him put down the spear, and pick up the brush- a far greater, stealthier weapon.  (Brushes are also allowed on airplanes, if you didn’t know.)

 Using his PTSD from the battlefield, he was endlessly fueled with inspiration to make absurd and dark paintings, which would end up touching millions of people that didn’t exist…. inside and outside the bathing suit regions.

When the feds got wind of Landon’s plot to build a fortress to house a cult, which would usher in a new age of nonsense, they closed in with rabid squirrels, elves, and dragons. With no choice, Landon was exiled to Boston with is trusty companion, Dovah, a corgi mix with a raging under bite.

It was there he dropped out of art school 3.9 seconds after entering the first class. Knowing what he had to do, he meditated under a waterfall for 90 years, and then opened a gallery on Newbury Street. How did he accomplish the monstrous task of opening a gallery on the poshy, moshy Newbury Street you may ask?

 By putting it all on the line.

(This bio was based purely on factual evidence, that didn’t exist)




He is what's wrong with art.- Saleh Hassan

From the short film "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream"

From the short film "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream"

It's always great to find art that resonates with you on some level, that makes you feel less alone as you walk through, and try to understand the darkness inside you. As I explored his gallery I began to wonder if I might be a silent participant in some yet to be named art movement. Thank you for being who you are and putting yourself out there so introverts like myself can feel less alone, less insane, and less afraid - Joe Viviano