What is Know No Truth?

              “Truth can never be told so as to be understood and not believed.”
William Blake

The Know No Truth Gallery embraces darkness and light through confrontational courage and a healthy dose of black humor. We ask you to accept no conclusion, look deeper, and see what can be found from each piece of art. This is the essence of what “Know No Truth” means: there is always more detail no matter how hard you look.



It is impossible to tell the story of the Know No Truth gallery without telling the story of the owner and lead artist, Landon Richmond, an art school drop out who began his art career selling his work on the sidewalks of Newbury Street in Boston. Despite the dark aesthetic, his work connected with people off all ages and backgrounds with the poignant and powerful messages each painting possessed.


Through out the years, Landon made art fanatically while working towards the goal of opening a gallery on the very sidewalk he began selling his art on, literally working from the ground up. He accomplished his dream May of 2015, and the KnowNoTruth Gallery was born. Embracing the ideals he learned through his journey from street artist to gallery owner, the space, despite its dark image, presents artwork that is accessible with an approachable and friendly atmosphere.

For a video tour of the gallery, please see the video below kindly provided by Travis Alex Photo