Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?

Saturday, January 10th will mark the last day for the final year of the Sarasota based Know No Truth Gallery. As the days dwindle down I have been working on a series of paintings inspired off the Pink Floyd song "Vera" off their album The Wall with each lyric being it's own painting. They will presented as they are January 8th, and will be on sale till the closing date of the 10th.

The choice to use this song is fitting for two special reasons. First, during the run of the gallery this year I did not take a single day off, and immersed myself deep in creating, selling, and talking about my art. It became my only reality, and as the holidays dragged itself in I became alienated with how things were handled within the retail world. Black Friday made me physically ill, causing me to puke my guts out from stress numerous times in between painting this:

Hours where extended to absurd levels making everyone who worked in the mall my gallery was located in completely miserable, and people were becoming sick left and right. As these people, paid with slave wages, put on fake smiles for hungry and entitled consumers a sense of misery filled the halls competing with the obnoxious Christmas music. During this time, racial tensions were heating up and protest were prevalent through out the country dividing people rather than unifying them. In my alienation mixed with exhaustion, and a brutal lingering sinus infection I found solace in listening to The Wall during my sometimes 16 hour days. It became my daily morning routine. I would listen from start to finish as I was grossed out by all I saw, yet hypocritically and graciously accepting the money given to me for my art.  Yet, every time I heard "Vera" I would become overwhelmed with emotion.

Vera Lynn, who the song was based off of famously sang the farewell song "We'll Meet Again."  Which presents the second level of the appropriate nature of the song choice, and bitter-sweetness I've felt. For five years in a row, I ran the Sarasota Gallery during November through January. I met so many wonderful and horrible people, and through the years watched them grow and progress through their own life. My art became important to them, and they became important to me. But after five years, I knew it was time to move forward and step up to the next level, but moving forward always means that some things must be left behind. As I prepare to open a Boston storefront to accomplish a dream, this rings in my head loudly, full of sentimental bullshit. However, I promise I will not forget my Florida fans, and will make special visits to make special things happen in the future.

I want to thank everyone who involved themselves, even in the slightest, during these five years whether it was their support, criticism, or hatred. These experiences have been memorable, and have shaped me in ways that leave me incredibly grateful. I want to specially thank Elliot Stutzman who has been there as my right hand man, which is important because I'm left handed. As crazy and chaotic as I am, Elliot helped keep things from falling apart anytime I created too much of a mess, and helped me learn how to be better organized myself. I would also like to thank Chase Causey for giving me a bottle of nice wine to drink while I sold art on Thanksgiving. I never drink on the job, but when the job is on Thanksgiving and takes me away from my family, all rules were off the table.



So as the days dwindle down, I hope to see you. I will have things specially priced and paintings ready to go home with you. Thanks again Sarasota for making the Know No Truth gallery a success, and providing me with some of the greatest moments of my career.


All my love.






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