On October 16th according to the fire Marshall, an electrical fire caused by a short circuit above the ceiling within the Know No Truth bathroom resulted in a 2 alarm fire which totaled my gallery, and damaged the apartments above it causing almost 1 million dollars in damage.

I was there when the fire suddenly erupted, and never in my life have I ever been surrounded by so much smoke, so thick that I couldn't see my own hands in front of me. I tried in folly to combat the fire as best as I could with a fire extinguisher till I realized I would die from smoke inhalation if I didn't escape. With aching lungs, I joined everyone on the sidewalk to watch helplessly. I saw thick smoke crash against my front windows like a wave of angry, dirty water, and an orange glow began to intensify behind it. I heard glass shattering. I looked down at my self, saw I was covered in dust from the smoke, and I was shaking.

It was an incredibly tragic loss for me and everyone in that building. Everywhere I go still smells like ashes. But from those ashes, I will raise again and I will rebuild. The Know No Truth Gallery will return in a few months after the dust has settled both literally and metaphorically. I have lost paintings I will never get back, a space I spent countless hours sculpting into something special, but all the experience and skills I have learned from everything remains with me.

Know No Truth will return, and will like a raising Phoenix.

My heart goes out to all the people in the above floors who can't go home yet, and to Piattini who can't open for business yet.

I want to thank the Boston fire department for bravely fighting the inferno, and stopping a fire that could of been much worse. I am grateful to the universe no one was injured. This is a difficult time undoubtedly, but when I was finally allowed in to see the wreckage, among the few things left intact was the framed picture attached below. It was singed, but it seems appropriate that way. It was the sign i placed by the exit, so it would be the last thing a person would see as they left the gallery.

I do have a lot work ahead of me, but I care too much to stop now.

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